Steps to Change Gmail Password | Forgot Password recovery

To change Gmail password, you have to follow a series of steps. To begin with, you have to be logged on to your Gmail account within Once you are logged into your email account, locate your profile icon on the top right corner of the screen and click on it. An information bubble will pop up

Change Gmail Password Guide

From here, click on the blue “My Account” button. A new tab will open with various options and links. Here, you will see two vertical boxes and one horizontal box, with the names “Sign-in & security”, “Personal info & privacy” and “Account preferences” respectively. Click on the text that reads “Sign in & security”, which is next to a padlock icon. A new screen will load with more detailed information about your Gmail account.

change gmail password forgot recover

Under “Signing in to Google”, look for “Password & sign-in method”. You will see two options available here: “Password” and “2-Step Verification”. Click on the text that reads “Password”. Again, a new screen will load and you will be prompted to re-enter your current password. Once you do so, you will be asked to enter your new desired password of at least 8 characters. It is recommended to use different character types like numbers, symbols and uppercase and lowercase letters. The symbol next to the input that has the shape of a crossed-out eye can let you view your password when you click on it. When you are sure about your new password, click on the “CHANGE PASSWORD” button. Remember that you can repeat this process the amount of times you like.

Forgot Gmail Password Recovery

In case you forgot your password and would like to change it, then in the login screen enter your Gmail address and on the password input screen click on the “Forgot password?” text under the “Sign in” button and follow the steps that you are prompted. You will be asked to enter the last password that you remember for the account, the answer to your security question and, if all else fails, you will be sent a link to your cell phone and your backup email address if you entered one when you signed up for a Gmail address. Click on the link that was sent to you and enter a new password of a minimum of 8 characters and you’re done!

If you are the kind of person who tend to forget their password (or well, everything), we recommend you choose something you are very close to the next time you change it. Maybe your phone number or your address will make it easier for you to remember your password in the future. After all, nobody likes having to change their password once a month.

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