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Now, any person who has had any type of interaction with a computer with internet access knows there is a web page called Google. And chances are, if you know about Google, you know about one of its main services: Gmail. It is a very efficient platform that is greatly needed for the working man of today, as it enables you to send and receive emails in a fast and simple manner. But for all its great usages, none of them matter if you don’t know how to sign into it (Gmail login).

Gmail Login (Sign In)

It is very rare to find a person nowadays who doesn’t know what Gmail is or can’t log in to their account. This is because, in case you didn’t knew, countless services on the web require you to have a Google account in order to have a better access to their services. But, if you are one of these people, do not despair, for we will teach you exactly how to go with Gmail sign in or Gmail login.

  1. First, enter
  2. Once you’ve arrived, you will see a hyperlink button on the top right section of the page that reads “Sign In”. Click login sign in
  3. Now, immediately after clicking that button, you will be directed to a different section. In here, you will have to put your Email address and your password for Gmail login.
  4. Eureka! You have officially logged in to Gmail. It’s as easy as that.

Again, if this is your very first time using Gmail, chances are it will take you a while to get used to its services. This is due to the fact that the platform has countless features you might confuse every now and then. Nevertheless, that should not be a reason to be worried, for you will get the hang of it once you use it a couple of times.

If you are looking for a place to store a lot of data, you have to bear in mind that the Gmail services might not be your best option. This is, of course, if you are not willing to for extra space on the cloud. In case you’re not needing that much space, you can buy the 100GB plan, which will end up costing $1.99. However, if you want to go all the way up to 30TB, you will have to pay and outstanding monthly fee of $299.99. Of course, there are more packages in-between, so you have a lot of storage plans to choose from.

If you need to receive and respond emails from wherever you are, you might want to download the Gmail app on your phone, which, by the way, is available on Android and iOS. If you want even more services on the go, you can also download Google Drive and Google photos.

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