Gmail Logout | Sign out to secure your Google Account

To logout of your Gmail account is a simple process that should be done anywhere you enter your personal information (Gmail logout)

Gmail Logout (Sign Out)

The first step is to go to and make sure that your information is not there. If it is, log into your Gmail account and locate your profile icon which can be seen on the top right corner of your screen. A notification bubble will pop up. On the bottom-right corner of this bubble, you will find a “Sign out” button. Click on it. You will be sent to the account picker screen and you will see that your information is still there. To remove this information and assure a secure account, locate the button below the available login accounts and click on the “Remove” button. An “X” symbol will appear next to all available accounts. Locate yours and click on the X that corresponds to it. After clicking it, the account will immediately disappear.

gmail logout sign out

After completing this process, click on the “Done” button and close the browser. In case you want to add your account on the same screen, click on the “Add account button on the lower left corner under the visible accounts. Enter your address and password and proceed to log in again. If there are no other accounts on the computer, then only enter and enter your login details and proceed to your email.

Why should we go with Gmail Logout?

If there is any way you make your account safer, you must not let that opportunity pass. Why? Because, no matter how many resources Google might put into their security, there will always be proficient hackers wandering around the web. If one of them happens to stumble across your account and somehow see some value in it, you better pray it is secure enough.

If you want to prevent this from happening, you can give Gmail’s phone verification a try. Sometimes, when you log into your account, a message will pop up saying that your account might not be secure enough and that you should add your phone number for double verification every time someone tries to access your account from another device. Also, your phone number can perfectly function as a recovery resource in case you’ve lost your account or forgotten your password.

Because Gmail provides each user with a free storage in the cloud of up to 15GB, some users tend to store important data on their account. If you are one of these people, then you must include this phone verification to your account security.

As an additional tip, we strongly suggest you always log out of account every time you’ve stopped using it. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone else’s laptop or your own, never leave your account open unless you are 100% sure nobody else has access to that device.

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